The Exon One-Name Study

Welcome, especially to those who are Exons or are descended from them.  I have been slowly undertaking a study of the Exon surname for thirty years and am the registered researcher for the Exon name with the Guild of One-Name Studies.  There are no details of individual descents on this page.  There is a selfish reason for this.  I would like to know about how your family history fits in with the Exons so that I can record it.  I am happy to supply any information I have if you would like to contact me.

The background for this page is based on the signature of the Rev. Thomas Exon taken from the parish register of Creech St Michael, Somerset, 1792.

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Origin of the name and the relationship between Exon and Exton

Where did the Exons live?


Notable Exons

                Stogursey, Somerset

Apart from the continuing job of collecting every record I can and trying to sort the people found into family groups, I am concentrating now on emigration and finding out when and why members of the family left to search for a better life overseas.

Last updated 13 April 2002